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Hair Care

In our salon, hair care is performed by the best specialists of Moscow.
OLAPLEX for stainingUSA

The structure is restored, hence the color is washed out less.

2 000
OLAPLEX for blondingUSA

This is the most important application of oleplex, since lightening hair with powder is the most destructive procedure for staining.

OLAPLEX for stackingUSA

Care with olaplex allows you to return the quality of hair that you had from nature.

3 5005 000
OLAPLEX for hair cutUSA00
Course OLAPLEX Care (4 procedures)USA

Care with olaplex allows you to return the quality of hair that you had from nature.

10 40016 400

A complex of masks, therapeutic serums, balms and gel for the skin of the head helps to solve the problems of strands. After the procedure, they are transformed — they cease to break, cut, softness, shine, vital energy appears.

2 9504 500
Course «Absolute Happiness» (4 procedures)Japan

2 065 instead of 2 950 / 3 600 instead of 4 500.

8 26014 400
Care Hyaluronic moisturizing Secret Professionel by Phyto France

Deeply moisturizes hair, restoring vitality to them, smooths out the hair cuticle, restores hydrolyside film, facilitates combing. Makes hair soft and shiny, like silk.

1 6502 2003200 / 3950
Hair Biolamination LEBEL Japan

After carrying out one procedure of hair biolamination, you can experience an amazing effect. They look simply delicious, even if before they were dull and fragile.

2 9503 950
Care «Protein Recovery» ALTERNA

Deeply restores and transforms hard, porous, severely damaged hair and protects them from brittleness and possible damage in the future. Contains proteins that restore the structure of the hair, which eliminate the damage at a microscopic level and make the hair healthy.

1 9502 500

A wide range of drugs allows you to restore the structure of different types of hair, prevent damage before any chemical impact, and create different styles in the styling./td>

1 2001 500
Care «Perfect Formula TEN» ALTERNA

The Science of TEN™ — this is the perfect combination of 10 key ingredients collected in different parts of the world. «Formula 10» gives an immediate result, provides an ideal daily care and intensive recovery with an individual level of hydration, nutrition and protection.

3 000
Care IAU Serum LEBEL Japan

Modern silicone care revitalizes the scalp, gives the hair volume, perfectly emphasizes the shape of the haircut.

1 0001 5002 000
Toning care KYDRA SWEET COLOR France

In the composition of cocktails SWEET COLOR there are pearlescent pigments and a complex of vitamins that give your hair a brilliant shine and saturate your hair with a beautiful shade.

2 9503 950
Care Opalis France

Means Opalis can get rid of dandruff, eliminate excessive dryness or greasy hair, restore hair after chemical exposure. All Opalis hair products are economical, highly concentrated and made from natural ingredients.

2 3002 500
Color express care KYDRA SWEET COLOR France1 2001 6502 100
Express Care/Humidification LEBEL Japan8001 2002 500
Care «Healthy Skin» RUB
On sale there are professional means for washing and care of hair LEBEL, ALTERNA, SECRET.