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Face Treatments / Intensive Care BERNARD CASSIERE

Complex rejuvenation with pomegranate extract

(Ideal for preparing the skin for the course salon procedures. Thinning of the skin, color face becomes healthy and radiant, tones up skin)

4 500
Intensive clarification with kiwi fruit

(Procedure reduces pigmentation and prevents appearance of new pigment spots, reduces probability of their occurrence)

5 100
ANTI-AGE DIAMOND. Intensive rejuvenation with diamond powder and pearl extract

(Diamond powder removes wrinkles, even deep. Extract white pearls: saturates with minerals, cell structure. Hyaluronic acid: strengthens and moisturizes)

4 500
Moisturizing care with hemp oil and bamboo extract

(The procedure strengthens the skin barrier and prevents evaporation of water. Moisturizes, nourishes and restores the skin barrier. The skin again becomes elastic, smooth, and radiant)

4 700
Anti-aging procedure Time Interceptor

(Provides comprehensive care, helps to return skin density and elasticity, makes the skin more smooth and moist)

5 250
Procedure for sensitive skin and skin with couperose with blueberry extract

(Процедура восста- навливает защитные функции, обеспечивает питание, устраняет покраснения и успокаивает кожу)

2 400
Super-cleansing care for combination and oily skin mint-lemon

(The procedure is suitable for oily and / or problematic skin. Normalizes excess of sebum, makes the skin clean and smooth. As a result, the skin becomes dull, saturated oxygen; acquires a bright and even complexion)

2 100