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Beauty Salon in Ramenki


About Salon

In tries of breaking the monotonous run of routine everyday life, just turn into the soft silence of the elite courtyards of Michurinsky Avenue and look into the salon KAL1NA — the world of light chic and refined aesthetics.         

High professionalism of the team of beauty-masters is generously seasoned with many years of experience, relaxing atmosphere and European level of service of our salon.

Do you know that a professional haircut solves the problem of daily styling, and a quality manicure treats the nail plate? Can you say that the cosmetic products you use and the procedures that you are taking are completely safe for your skin?

We care not only about beauty, but also about the health of our customers, offering only the best products of leading manufacturers of cosmetics.

A cup of aromatic coffee, pleasant conversation and a full range of services of real professionals — that’s what you always look forward to in our salon!



 The team of the best beauty masters of the Moscow
 True professional cosmetology
 We are 15 years old. 15 years of recognition and respect
 The atmosphere of warm comfort and spiritual joy
 Location in one of the most elite areas of Moscow
 Convenient access and parking

Feel the new inspiration of beauty

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Professional Cosmetics

In our salon the products recommended for use by professionals in beauty salons, spa and fitness centers are exhibited, and this category of products has become very popular as a means for home use.
SUDA cosmetics are manufactured according to time-tested recipes of a German company that has been on the market for more than 85 years.
Australian cosmetic brand, offering a professional solution to the main skin problems: signs of age-related changes, acne, hyperpigmentation.
The Japanese brand LEBEL is the pinnacle of advanced technologies. The company today is ready to offer products for hair care, which will be relevant tomorrow.
Professional German foot care for both medical and general foot care
Cosmetic concern Alterna Haircare from the very beginning takes care of the beauty and health of your hair, setting a qualitatively new level in the luxury class.


Michurinsky Prospekt 11, 1